Al-Dar Asset Management Co. K.S.C.C, a Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company, was established on 3rd of April 2004 by virtue of the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law No. (15) of 1960 and the amending laws thereof, and was registered at the Central Bank of Kuwait as an Islamic investment Company with a capital of K.D 50 million.
The Company is mainly specialized in the wide and promising field of Islamic investment, "ADAM" Company has its separate investment entity, in addition to the local and foreign characterized relations with a private customer base wishing to invest according to the Islamic Shariah.

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Funds Summary

Fund Net Assets Value (K.D.) Evaluation Date YTD
Return 2024
Al Dar Real Estate Fund Al Dar Real Estate Fund 1.343384 30/06/2015 5.53%
Al Dar Real Estate Fund Al Dar Money Market Fund 0.482773 31/08/2015 -0.71%
Al Dar Real Estate Fund Al Dar Securities Fund 0.565995 30/06/2015 -6.34%
Al Dar Real Estate Fund Al Dar Fund of Funds 0.508195 30/06/2015 1.34%
Al Dar Real Estate Fund Al Nokhba Fund 0.366616 31/05/2015 -3.71%


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