Business Development

"ADAM" Company has a qualified team work with several and wide experiences in the investment and financial field corresponding with the Islamic Shariah provisions, which obliged the company to carry out diversified integrated financial missions on behalf of customers, and the Company is proud to deal with every customer whether as an individual or a company considering him as its private customer. Therefore, the Company is keen to find and innovate developed Islamic financial mechanisms. The consulting services offered by the Company includes the following:

  • Major financial consultancies and restructuring of investment products, companies and projects.
  • I.P.O.
  • Merging and acquisitions companies, with the provisions of the Islamic Shariah
  • Provide the main financial consultancies and restructure the products, the companies and the Islamic projects.
  • Developing Islamic bonds and financial products that correspond with the provisions of the Islamic Shariah
Business Development
  • Providing strategic planning for investment companies and projects.
  • Preparing investment researches specialized in local and regional securities in order to reach the appropriate investment decisions.
  • Managing the primary issuances