Our Professional Principles

"ADAM" Company set the following principles and bases as a necessary platform for its works:

  • To provide high quality of financial and investment services and products according to the Islamic economic laws stipulated by the provisions of the Islamic Shariah on the local and foreign level.
  • To develop and innovate the provided investment services, products and tools by exceeding our investors and customers expectations using developed modern technology for serving our customers and products.
  • To preserve the durability and safety of the Company as one of the leading companies in the Islamic investment sector on both local and international levels.
Our Principles
  • To achieve the best investment returns for our customers with being fully aware of the investment risks and decreasing them to the minimum possible level.
  • To grab local and international investment opportunities and projects to be able to cope with the market requirements and changes thereof.
  • To communicate on continuous basis with customers and to deal with them in total transparency with considering every customer or investor as a special and characterized customer.
  • To strengthen the cooperation with local and international companies and institutions in executing the big and characterized investment projects, and to build strategic alliances based on professional bases realizing joint goals and benefits of all Parties.