Follow-Up and Customers Relations

"ADAM" Company was able to build a customer base that includes a selection of key individuals and companies, brining the ultimate objective of follow-up and customer relations to strengthen this relationship, promote, preserve, and make the customer's primary focus through:

  • Direct interaction with clients through providing contact centers to find the client's needs, to obtain it and provide it professionally. 
  • Establishment of relationship with clients, listen to all questions, queries and complaints, respond to it with appropriate solutions, and do all the instructions and guidance of clients. 
  • Develop and audit clients reports in accordance with the technical regulations to reflect the investment tools performance for the client, and follow up providing the client with reports of all operations that were performed on the portfolio, including its financial position on a regular basis, and give the clients opportunity to view the reports through the "Adam On Line" through a service available on the website of the company.  
  • Follow-up and review the requirements of supervisory and regulatory control requirements for the investment tools, and ensure the proper implementation of laws and regulations in this sector.
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