Local & Arabian Investments

Is one of the most important investment sectors types aiming at grabbing investment opportunities in profitable economic sectors with a characterized economic performance. Therefore, this sector requires special skills and specifications which made “ADAM” Company concerned about this vital sector inside the State of Kuwait, the GCC and the Arab market in general, through the following:


1. Establishment of Companies

The establishment of companies requires legal experiences and administrative work techniques. Therefore, we establish companies in their different legal types, we participate in their management, we follow-up the evaluation of the performance thereof and the results of financial and investment activities, in addition to following up the activities thereof.

2. Arranging and Announcing Companies

Local Investment

To carry out the announcement operations of different types of companies for public and private subscription as may correspond to the markets and investors requirements and orientations through studying and analyzing economic sectors and determining the sectors that may grow in the future.

3. Studying, Evaluating and Following -up the Investment Opportunities

A specialized team shall search, select, study and evaluate the investment and real estate opportunities offered and announced by other companies and shall determine the economic feasibility thereof, in addition to analyzing the economic fields and sectors and promising geographical regions.

4. Managing Portfolios and Projects

To announce and manage real estate and investment portfolios, in addition to following them up and issuing periodic reports for investors (real estate portfolios, direct investment portfolios)

5. Listing Companies in Kuwait Stock Exchange Market

The work team in “ADAM” Company, having an experience and knowledge in the field of listing companies, shall offer consulting services as a listing consultant of companies in Kuwait Stock Exchange market without any violation to the Islamic Shariah