Al Dar Money Market Fund

Al Dar Real Estate Fund
  • Return exceeding the banking deposits
  • Weekly Subscription & redemption
  • Secure Investment
  • The Fund aims at realizing returns competing the short and medium term financial and traditional tools available in Kuwait market. In order to achieve the same, the Fund's capital shall be invested in financial and cash tools available inside Kuwait and abroad and shall include the Government legal speculation bonds and the ones issued by the institutions, banks or companies whether in Kuwaiti Dinar or in any other foreign currency, in addition to participating in the investment operations by guaranteeing the local and international financial and banking institutions through the bonds issued by those institutions in consideration of the same and participating in private and public issuances, including investment portfolios according to the rules and conditions mentioned in the Articles of Association.

    Date of Establishment : 01 April 2004
    Type of Fund : Variable
    Currency : Kuwaiti Dinar
    Authorized Capital : From 5 to 100 million Kuwaiti Dinars
    Fund Manager : Al Dar Asset Management Company
    Fund duration : 10 years
    Investment Trustee : Gulf Custody Company


  • Subscription
    Right of subscription : Open for all categories and nationalities inside the State of Kuwait and abroad
    Subscription : Weekly
    Minimum Subscription : 3,000 units
    Subscription Fees : None
    Evaluation : Weekly
    Management Fees : 1% annually from the total value of the assets
    Redemption : Weekly
    Minimum Redemption : None
    Redemption Fees : None
As on : 31/08/2015
  • Net asset value
  • Return since inception
  • Yearly return till date
  • Weekly Return till date